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I decided to upgrade my nature pure water filter to the latest QC (quick change) model. Fitting is so simple, just cut the cold feed to the bathroom mixer and fit the threaded connectors The wall of my toilet is hollow board so I mounted the QC head unit onto a solid piece of board to then fix to the wall below the sink.


The water through flow is much faster than the old model. The new model is so much easier to winterize or just change the filter. When unscrewing the cartridge a valve shuts off the water. You then fit the black plastic plank plug in place of the filter to allow water to flow through the cold pipe without the filter so you can now flush or drain any water.


Dear Harald,

Thank you very much for sending me the spare seals for my base-camp filter pump. They arrived yesterday and I really appreciate how quickly you have responded. I am very impressed with your customer service and wish every company I dealt with had your commitment to customer satisfaction. Both yourself and the lady who answers your phone have been a pleasure to deal with.

Many thanks,

Roger Pride

Dear Sir,
Just a note of thanks. I have received the replacement unit and will fit it tomorrow. Your customer service is excellent, my old director used to say "the best advertisement you can have is a satisfied customer" well you have a very satisfied customer. I note you had to send the unit for a Saturday by 1pm delivery which was expensive. I'm am more than happy to pay the postage and packing costs, please let me know and I will forward a cheque.
Once again many thanks.

Tom McKirdy
s/v Alba Voyager

We bought the Nature Pure QC unit to fit into our motorhome. Ordered at 4.30pm and it arrived next morning, very impressive service. The lady we spoke to on the telephone was very knowledgeable and helped us out with a few queries we had.
When the unit arrived we were one T piece short for the water supply. Again this was received next morning.
The unit has now been installed in our motorhome and is working perfectly.
We would like to thank you for your excellent product and customer service.

Tom Millar

Hi Harald,
The new First Need XL Elite is a massive step forward to making a perfect water purification system. The facility to rinse out the filter and extend the life and workings of the canister is quite simply a stroke of genius. Having tested it in muddy water and then rinsed the canister out into a glass bowl, I was blown away by how much sediment was in solution. Previously this would have been stuck inside the canister, gradually building up until it was blocked. Now, the rinse facility means that I am able to extend the life of the canister and pump more litres with greater ease. Top product!

Jonny Crockett

Hola, Mr Charters, I received today 1 new FAUCET, I am very pleased with you generous help, living here in SPAIN the water here leave a lot to be desired and purchase of so called mineral water a expensive alternative THANK GOODNESS I have the excellent water purifier , we drink gallons of the stuff kindest regards

Ben Thomas


I thought I would just drop you a quick note to say how impressed I am
with your Seagull IV Water Filter.   We bought it at the London Boat
Show in January 2009 and fitted it shortly after.  We are live aboard so it is in constant use.

The water quality is superb and we are still showing it off to visitors :-)

What is even more remarkable is that we are still on the original cartridge!  The water flow is now beginning to slow down a little but still fills a 1ltr kettle in about 20second!  We do have high pressure pumps (a legacy of the yachts charter days) which I guess helps but, well, fantastic!

I have a spare filter ready but I am holding out for three years :-)

Many thanks


Hi, just to share my experience. I bought my Seagul IV unit back in 1993. Just like any other users, when the water flow starts to drip, I would change the cartridge. That is all the maintenance that I have put in over the years. I have never test the water quality that comes out from the unit. I just presume it works. Years past bye. One day, my wife asked me to meet up, one of her office colleague who is doing part time sales. According to her, her colleague would like to introduce a revolutionary product and has been pestering her in the office to introduce this revolutionary product to me. Well, just wanting to put this salesman out of our sight, I agreed to welcome him (my wife' office colleague) to our home. At this point, we still dont know what this revolutionary product is.

Upon arrival, he starts to drill me and my wife about the importance of having safe drinking water and introduce a unit that has UV system. I just listen and agreed to whatever he said (the importance of having safe drinking water for the family and high chlorine level in our water and so forth). Noticing that I nodded to all what he said, I think he gains the confidence and asked me to get one for my family. Well...I said I already have one in our house. your water filter good?, can it filter all the bacteria, virus, pesticides, chlorine and whatever not?. I said " I dont know, I have never test my water filter... the brochure said it can do all that".

"Alright" he said, "why don't we do a simple test. We do a quick chlorine test."

Hmm...I'm sure he is confident that I would fail the test (as most of the houses would just buy a simple filter from a supermarket) and put me off balance and pave his way in selling his new revolutionary products. Well, at that point, he has succeeded in making me nervous. I have never test my Seagul IV unit before !!!!. Slowly I went to the kitchen and got a cup of water from my Seagul IV unit.

He then dropped a chemical into the cup. chlorine. Phew...what a 17 years old Seagul IV is still working. He startled and we can clearly see his disappointed face. He then asked what type of waterfilter I used. Proudly I said "we use Seagul IV and we bought 17 years ago". He...said he has never heard that brand name before. I then proudly tell him about Seagul IV and that it is being used in Airbus and many major airlines and so forth.

Thanks Seagul ... you never let me down and safe my day.
Aman and Asma

I have been looking on your website for spare parts. I have a Nature Pure system installed in my motorhome. I bought it a few years back at the Peterborough Show.

It is an amazing product and we have been extremely please with it. So much so that we are changing to a new motorhome and do not want to sell the system with the motorhome.
Stewart Robertson

 I am just writing to tell you how pleased I am with the service I received from your company.

I had a problem with a leak on the unit of which I returned to you as requested. The leak was so small it was just a mist spray out of the top of the inlet flange, which will only become evident when the unit is put under pressure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lady who answered the phone presumably your receptionist, she could not have been more helpful.

First she knew exactly what I was talking about and within a few minutes had taken my details and promised a spare part as soon as possible

5 days later it arrived at my home in Fuerteventura and I now have my drinking water back.

Please pass on my regards to this lady and pass a copy of my letter to your M.D. will recommend your company and filters to all my contacts in Fuerteventura.

Best Regards
Edward Park

I have ordered one on-line. Its for a 49' sailing yacht. I have just completed the Rally Portugal and several other boats had installed the seagull IV and I was amazed at the difference in the taste of the water.
Neal Stow

You may just recall me as I was the customer who, at last years Southampton Boat Show, was very critical of the taste of the water coming through your test rig on your stand. I think you referred to me as metal mouth!

We went ahead and bought a unit off you and a few spare filters. This is just a quick email to say that we have found the filter to be absolutely fantastic and cannot begin to calculate how much we have saved in buying and carrying bottled water since we fitted it. We have a website logging our travels and I will be putting a link on it shortly from the links page with an absolute recommendation for people to buy! Hope you are well and business is good. Best wishes
Rob Bell - Yacht Serafina

I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending out a new filter for us so promptly.

We bought one of your systems for the last boat we had and it was so fabulous that we bought a new one when we changed our boat. We have told lots of people how good they are. It is one of those things you can hardly believe when you have the demonstration and we have often said to people at the boat show watching that it really does work. with after sales live we have just received we shall be sing your praises even more.

Thank you again, it is great to have a cup of teas that does not taste like plastic pipes!Yours Sincerely
Shirley Marks Petina May Brixham

This is my 3rd and I have changed my RV's and find this product invaluable when on the continent.
Mr R C Wicks

Thank you for sending the flexible pipes so promptly. Excellent product and is backed up by excellent service.
Keith Wood

The quality of your service certainly matches that of your product.
A Bostock

Last week I phoned your office to request help on a leaking tap. Within the hour I received a message that a new tap would be sent immediately and free of charge , to enable us to go on holiday without delay. Fantastic service, matched by your fine product - Thank you!
Leo Leslie

My supply has from time to time been heavily contaminated and recently, when it was checked by the local environmental Health Department, they took a sample from the filtered tap as well as the regular supply. They were surprised that despite the heavy contamination, the water coming through the Seagull Filtration was completely pure.
Jeremy Hackney

Hi - Sorry for not sending this earlier but with the holiday/travels etc. I've been a bit busy!This is to say thank you for the excellent service you gave to me and let you know what a great product the "Nature Pure" water purifier is. It was very easy to fit to our camper and what more can be said "great tasting pure water". Thanks again
Mick Johnson (Jersey)

Dear Harald - Further to our recent phone conversation I would like to say thanks for all your help and advice regarding my Seagull water filters. Replacing the standard IVX6 with the AP7 module has worked perfectly, the AP7's longer life has proven to be a real bonus both operationally and financially on a busy charter boat like mine. I can also confirm that your original reassurances that water quality would not be effected by the subsequent change to the AP7 module were spot on.Again many thanks and I look forward to speaking to you again when I place my next order.Best regards
James - M.Y. SEA HAWK

Hi Thanks for your prompt attention to my order to supply the above for my sons new Burstner motorhome. I brought the same filter from you about 18 months ago for our Timberland and needles to say am delighted with this quality product. Many thanks
Tony Dade

Dear Harald Charters, I received the replacement part for my "seagull" and fitted it on my return to Spain. I don't think I have ever written congratulating a company on their product but yours deserves praise. Four years ago I was fed up with the coastal life and decided to more slightly inland, buying a large piece of land that had electricity but no mains water problem the locals assured me the water from the well is crystal clear and beneficial to drink, how dumb was I......bought first and analyzed rthe water second... Full of e coli and everything else that could kill you! As I bought in a valley in a goat and sheep grazing area it was logical that the water would be undrinkable, however the test lab advised us not to shower, or wash crockery in the water. To begin with we shipped in water and then met someone who was using a "seagull" system and decided to buy one. It was without doubt the simplest thing to install with very clear instructions. We sent a sample to our lab and asked for a 2nd anaylsis........they laughed and said :were we kidding, what had changed, and we explained about the filter, and they laughed some more but did the came back PERFECT for drinking.everything, they were impressed, and I have never stopped being impressed. We run a full household, two bathrooms, washing machine, dishwasher etc.......I would recommend a "seagull" to anyone and if I help any further please don't hesitate to get in touch..…Yours sincerely
Su Koster

Hello there, we would like to say a big thank you for sending out our new filter. What wonderful service, we ordered on Wednesday and it arrived here on Friday. You have such pleasant and helpful staff - please keep up the good work. Thanks again.
R & B Massey (Algarve)