Showing our new Versa Pure QC systems at the Hamburg 2013 show

Advanced concept Versa-Pure® QC POU water systems feature reduced weight, size, system price and exceptional convenience with cost-saving maintainability.

Our well established Versa-Pure® AC2 and AC3 Structured Matrix® systems are certified for Airbus, many Boeing and most other aircraft. Serving the industry since 1975, unexcelled, quick response Customer Service includes AOG coverage worldwide. Inquire about our extra high flow rate customized aircraft systems. General Ecology is an AS 9100 Rev C/ISO 9001:2008, FAA certified, OEM & PMA Manufacturer. All Versa-Pure Systems are manufactured in the USA.

Isotope Research Institute tests for radiation

Radioactive materials were measured with a gamma ray spectrometer according to the “manual for radiation measurement for food in emergency cases” issued from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Health in Japan. Sample adjustment was made according to the envirojnmental test sampling protocol by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science & Technology in Japan…. read full article here